Textile furnishing have a decisive role to play in public areas, they are not only a part of an aesthetic concept but they also contribute substantially to safety. Trevira CS fabrics fulfil worldwide all the most important fire safety standards demanded by hotels and shipbuilding industries.

For many hotels, sustainability is a subject that comes into play in selecting materials and products. Many experts see sustainable design as the most important trend in the hotel fiel “Green products” are in demand without introducing however any compromises in design.

To accompany their flame retardant properties, textiles must be able to demonstrate a manufacturing process that is environmentally friendly and makes sparing use of resources, and ultimately one that is economic and energy saving for the user. Fabrics must not contain any toxic substances either and they have to be recyclable in a manner that is compatible with the environment.

It’s good to know that Trevira CS fabrics satisfy all these criteria.